Meet the Clique

Massie Block
Massie Block is the official ruler of Octavian Country Day and used to being the goddess and idol of all the students, until Claire, a new girl from Orlando, comes and shakes her perfect, natural pace of life. At first, Massie cannot stand Claire and decides to make her life miserable, and Claire doesn't understand why Massie doesn't like her. Massie sees Claire as a threat and is determined to stop her. Claire responds by turning Massie's friends against her, thinking it was the only way to "fit in" and be the popular girl at school that everyone worshipped and wanted to be. At the end of the second book, they finally become friends. Throughout tough times Massie and Claire start to rely on each other. In the first book Massie falls for Chris Abeley but discovers that he has a disgustingly beautiful girlfriend named Fawn. In the second book Massie and Claire throw a Halloween party and they both fall for a Briarwood boy named Cam Fisher. In the third book Massie finds out that Alicia started her own Clique and discovers Cam likes Claire, not her. While dealing with Alicia, Massie starts liking Derrick Harrington, or Derrington, as the girls secretly call him. Her life is nowhere near perfect, with Nina the Spanish boy charmer, getting expelled from OCD in Lake Placid, losing the lead role in Dial L for Loser to Claire, searching for the key to a secret room and not finding it first, getting Chris to fall for Skye Hamilton even though they were falling for each other, and designing the overflow trailers. Although Massie is known as the alpha, she is the one whom her friends have turned against the most often of the five girls. It has been stated throughout the series that Alicia Rivera is more beautiful than Massie, but Massie is known as being the most under control, over-thinking, and overall coolest member of the Pretty Committee, making her the true alpha. Massie also loves Chanel perfume, and purple because it's the color of royalty

Massie is played by Elizabeth McLaughlin in the Clique movie.

Alicia Riviera
Alicia Rivera (also referred to as Leesh) is the beauty of The Pretty Committee and also Massie's beta. In the first three books, she expresses the desire to start her own clique with Olivia Ryan (Pretty, but dumb), but when she does so in the third book, Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie goes after her and quickly unravels Alicia’s clique, humiliating Alicia in the process. After “Revenge Of The Wannabes” Alicia seems much more content with her role as the beta. The Briarwood Boys consider her to be extremely hot, and she has a reputation as being the prettiest girl at OCD, which slightly irritates Massie. She and Olivia are also called the Twenty by the Briarwood boys because they are both rated perfect 10's. She is described of impossibly glossy dark hair and big brown eyes. She is also very tan with full cherry red lips and constantly saying things like "given!" and "point". She has the biggest boobs (C cup at 12 years old) in the Pretty Committee and is always trying to cover them up because she is self-conscious about them. She is a sexy Spanish beauty and every boy in Briarwood likes her. She also has a crush on Josh Hotz and secretly develops a relationship with him in the 9th book. She is also known to be a tad richer than Massie. Alicia also has a big obsession with Ralph Lauren, and Angel Perfume.

will be played by Samantha Boscarino in the Clique movie.

Dylan Marvil
Dylan Marvil is the Pretty Committee's bridge to Hollywood and celebrities in the first book. Dylan's mother, Merri-Lee Marvil, hosts the very popular talk show The Daily Grind, and when Dylan is in trouble at O.C.D (Octavian Country Day) she often runs to Merri-Lee to add a segment on her show about what the school did wrong... which the school has to agree to because if not everyone who watches the Daily Grind won't want to enroll there kids at O.C.D. Dylan is a very stubborn girl, but she is also very self-conscious. She continuously worries about her weight, even though she is described as being at a healthy weight. Even when she loses the weight she is mad because now she has nothing to stress about. Along with her talk of her weight, Dylan is also considered the 'pig' or the 'comic relief' of the books. She is the only member of the Pretty Committee who is not afraid to eat in front of people, mainly boys, and she loves to belch. Dylan is described as having curly, fiery red hair, though in Bratfest at Tiffany's, she returns with stick-straight hair. Unfortunately, in the same novel, she is outside in rain and her hair goes back to being curly. It is unknown if she will re-straighten her hair in the upcoming books. In the book "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back" she later develops a crush on Chris Plovert, who is not sure if he has any feeling for her at all. In the "Clique Summer Collection: Dylan", she gets long hair like Svetlana Slootskyia (to impress a boy) who teaches her tennis. In P.S I Loathe You she becomes Derrington's girlfriend. Dylan also likes Clinique happy perfume, and wears it often.

Dylan will be played by Sophie Anna Everhard in the Clique movie.

Kristen Gregory
Kristen Michelle Gregory is the athlete and the genius of the Pretty Committee. In books 1-3, she is obsessed with crossword puzzles, but switches to word jumbles in book 4. While she is part of the Pretty Committee, she hardly has any main plotlines revolving around her. She is very smart and attends Octavian County Day school on a scholarship. It is revealed about halfway through the first book that Kristen is "poor", but she is really middle class. She is always complaining about not being able to afford She stands as the reason to the Pretty Committee, always at hand with a witticism or moral. While she has a tendency to switch to the winning side during fights, she proves to be a very loyal friend to the entire Pretty Committee. Kristen is also described as being blond and her chest is flat and muscular. She loves to play soccer and is mistaken for a boy in the fourth book when her mom cuts all her hair off. It is revealed in the Kristen summer series book that she is the alpha of the "Witty Committee" which includes LBRs like Layne Abeley. She has a crush on Dune, a cute surfer, but later develops a crush on Dempsey Solomon, her new neighboor, who is being fought over by Layne and Massie. Kristen doesn't wear perfume and is more into playing soccer.

Kristen will be played by Bridgit Mendler in the Clique movie.

Claire Lyons
Claire Lyons is the “New Girl” of the Pretty Committee in the series. At the beginning of the series, Claire was teased constantly by the Pretty Committee, but survived months and is now a member. Claire moved from Orlando, Florida. In "Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers," it was announced that she and her family would be moving to Chicago, but they end up staying in the guest house. Now she lives in the Block’s guesthouse and over the course of the series, has become very close friends with Massie. In the beginning of the series she is somewhat innocent and naïve, but is forced to mature as the cruel treatment from the Pretty Committee causes her to become more aware of what people think of her. She is obsessed with her boyfriend, Cam Fisher. In Dial L For Loser, Claire becomes a celebrity and must mature even more due to hateful treatment from Massie, Alicia, and her so-called celebrity friends at the end of the book. In the 9th book Claire becomes jealous of her ex-boyfriend's relationship with Olivia Ryan. Claire's parents are Jay and Judi Lyons, and her little brother is Todd. Claire has said in the past that she was ashamed of her parents for being slightly overweight and not dressing like the rest of the parents in Westchester, but she enjoys the fact that they don't make fun of her for eating junk food. In It's Not Easy Being Mean Claire must choose between pursuing an acting career or staying in Westchester, and she then realizes how much Layne Abeley's friendship, Cam's admiration, and the Pretty Committee's membership means to her, so she decides to stay. Claire's first friend in Westchester is Layne Abeley, who becomes her best and only friend at school. As the year progresses, Claire forms friendships with Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen. Claire's appearance is described as pretty but in a plain sort of way. Claire has white blonde hair (with bangs in most of the books), blue eyes, and a healthy in-shape skinny figure. Claire mainly wears clothing from Gap, but wishes she could afford clothes like Massie's. So sometimes Massie lets Claire have her old clothes.

Claire is played by Ellen Marlow in the Clique film.

Jay and Judy Lyons
Claire Lyons's "overprotective" parents. They appear in every book. Judi is a little plumper than Kendra Block and is told "that can be fixed with pilates". Jay is old college friends with William Block and that is how they came to live in the guest house. They give more discipline to Claire than Kendra and William Block give Massie. Even though, they are still very supportive of Claire and even Massie, but don't allow Claire to get a cell phone until she is 16, even though Massie gives her one anyway.

Jay Lyons will be played by Neal Matarazzo, and Judy Lyons will be played by Elizabeth Keifer in the Clique movie

Kendra and William Block
Massie's overindulgent and also very wealthy parents. It is obvious throughout the books, especially when Massie gets expelled, that they do not discipline her well, often, or enough. Sometimes Massie and Kendra hang out in the spa at their house, but don't pay much attention to her... resulting in her constant need to be the center of attention. Kendra is described as very slender, a result of her doing tennis, pilates, etc., and William is said to be balding and a little on the heavy side. Kendra has had Botox injections and she has been trying to become more peaceful through her self-help book club.

Kendra Block will be played by Julie Lauren, and William Block will be played by David Chisum in the Clique movie

Len and Nadia Rivera
Alicia Rivera's gorgeous parents. Nadia was a former model in Spain and Alicia thinks she is still pretty enough to do it again. Len is a very successful lawyer with tons of connections. Alicia constantly makes references to him and his job as a lawyer. In the book "It's not easy being mean" they use one of his board rooms for a small meeting with Layne Abelely, and the Pretty Committee (talking to Claire on the phone.) Alicia also gets him to get her things such as tickets for Beyonce's concert and into Fashion Week. Through the series they occasionally appear and seem to care very much about Alicia and other family such as Nina (Alicia’s maternal cousin).

Merri Lee Marvil
Dylan's famous celebrity mother who hosts the popular show The Daily Grind. She is said to be very skinny but still worries about her weight. In the 5th book Strawberry says, "She looks like she hasn't eaten in 5 years". She appears in several books. Merri Lee is often concerned about Dylan's weight, and sends her to a fat camp (Dylan refers to it as St.Barfs) Dylan often threatens others that she would expose their wrong doings (often at school) on her mother's show.

Merri Lee Marvil will be played by  Lisa Masters

Todd Lyons
Claire's little brother who appears in virtually every single book except Bratfest At Tiffany's. He is in 5th Grade, is 10 years old, and is described as having red hair and freckles. He has a tendency to eavesdrop, something that Massie, Claire and even Alicia on occasion often use for their own gains. He has a crush on Massie and Alicia and often flirts with them, once going so far as to put a camera in Massie's shower. He normally delivers “C-notes” and candy from Cam to Claire. He attends Briarwood Academy and plays the tuba in the school marching band. In the second book he gives Massie Block her first kiss and then Massie is mad because she wanted Cam to give her her first kiss. Todd absolutely loves TPC, and is often spying during their meetings.

Todd Lyons will be played by Dylan Minnette in the Clique movie

Nina Callas
Alicia’s maternal cousin who appears for the duration of “Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers” in which she plays the antagonist. Nina is known for knowing how to kiss guys... which means Alicia gets all her boy  advice from her. Nina is described as looking a lot like Alicia, but more beautiful and with a chest that "makes Alicia's look like a back". She tends to wear “sexy, trampy, and slutty” clothing, like gold boots, tight tops, and booty shorts, but the Pretty Committee finds out that she stole the clothes from her older sisters. In addition to stealing her sisters’ clothes, Nina manages to steal a number of other items around the school, including Alicia’s Ralph Lauren argyle socks, a girl’s pencil case, and a teacher’s expensive MontBlanc red pen. She attempts to steal all of the PC's crushes by making them "ignore the PC". It is later revealed that she told them if they stayed away from the PC, they would win their soccer game. When they find out this is all lies, they try to return to the PC. She goes to the "Love Struck" dance with Derrington and they win Cupid Award. Nina's heist is then revealed. Nina has a major role in the Clique Summer Collection: Alicia. Nina's twin sisters Isobel and Celia make her dye her hair platinum blonde and get a Dora the Explorer bob. In the beginning she takes revenge on Alicia, but toward the end they make a truce and are friends.

Tiny Nathan
Nathan is Todd’s best friend, who usually appears when he does. He is described as having 'mouse-like features' and hardly ever speaks. He and Todd are often manipulated by various members of the Pretty Committee, but are often rewarded with kisses, so they usually don’t complain. In Revenge of the Wannabes, he shows a passion for wrestling with Todd. In Boys R Us, he is forced to dress up like a female newscaster for Alicia's Hollywood party.

Layne Abeley
Layne Abeley (Middle name- Jane) is Claire's only true friend outside of the Pretty Commitee. She is in all of the Clique books. Layne is mostly known for her quirky habits, notably, having a peculiar food obsessions such as oatmeal, popcorn with mustard, Popsicles, Go-Gurt, Crystal Light, and Slim Jims. She does other strange things like wearing her head gear to school adorned with light-up magnets and picking outfits that don't match. In the movie she plays her stereo during lunch, and of course everyone stares. She is often the butt of the PC's jokes, much to Claire's dismay. Layne had a boyfriend starting in Best Friends for Never. "Eli" was a Gothic, punk rock boy who wore eyeliner and nail polish. Layne proceeded to break up with him in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers for being too infatuated with Nina Callas. Layne's other friends are Meena and Heather, two girls that share Layne's interests. In "It's not Easy Being Mean" it was stated that all three girls enjoy giving protests that are, at times, utterly pointless. Layne in the books by told always manages to crack Claire up when she is fighting with Massie. She is also Chris Abeley's sister.

Layne Abeley will be played by Vanessa Marano in the Clique movie

Chris Abeley
Layne Abeley’s fifteen year-old brother appears in "It’s Not Easy Being Mean", "The Clique" and “Sealed With A Diss.” He is described as having gorgeous navy blue eyes and blonde hair. Massie had a crush on him in the first book, but “dropped” him when she found out that he had a girlfriend, Fawn. In "Sealed With a Diss", Massie has to convince him to fall for Skye Hamilton, but he ends up falling for her instead. Chris loves his horse, Tricky, but in "It's Not Easy Being Mean", when Chris and Fawn break up, Fawn tells everyone Chris talks to his horse and everyone makes fun of him. It is unknown if they will start dating. Massie used him to get the secret key for the secret room and to get Chris to go with Skye Hamilton at her Famous Couples Party. Chris began crushing on Massie Block when she transformed him into hawtie x10. Chris and Massie go to the same horseback riding stables, Galwaugh Farms.

Chris Abeley will be played by Keli Price in the Clique movie

Cam Fisher
Cam first appears in the second novel and every novel after that, and is Claire Lyons' on again off again boyfriend. He is described as having one blue eye and one green eye with long dark hair, however in a different novel it is said that he has golden brown hair. Massie initially had a crush on Cam, but after she learned he liked Claire she gave up on him. Initially Cam and Claire "date" by exchanging emails and Cam sending her gifts through her younger brother. When Cam begins avoiding her unexpectedly for weeks, Claire kisses Josh Hotz thinking Cam has broken up with her. Cam forgives her. Later Claire begins spying on him when she suspects he is cheating. Innocent of the charge, and annoyed by her actions, he breaks up with her and begins dating Olivia Ryan. He later breaks up with Olivia, asks Claire to forgive him, and they begin dating again. Cam often sends Claire gummy feet, which Claire likes a lot.

Harris Fisher
Cam Fisher’s older brother who appears most notably “Revenge Of The Wannabes”. Harris is described as being tall, with green eyes and black hair. Alicia had a crush on him but realized he was just using her and her father’s connections to get tickets for a Strokes concert. He also appears in "It's Not Easy Being Mean" as one of the Briarwood Boys that might have the key under his mattress.

Derrick Harrington
More often referred to as "Derrington' throughout the novels (which is Massie's nickname for him... a mix of his first name and his last name), Derrick appears prominently in The Pretty Committee Strikes BackSealed with a DissRevenge of the Wannabes and Bratfest at Tiffany's. Derrick acts as a dramatic foil for Massie, starting out as her friends' crush, then her crush, then her boyfriend and, eventually, her ex-boyfriend. Derrick seems to be the only boy that Massie gets nervous around. He is written as having shaggy blonde hair and large brown eyes. He plays goalie for the Briarwood soccer team. He is noted as having many quirks, including wearing shorts all the time, even in winter, wiggling and flashing his butt after scoring a goal and referring to most people, even Massie, by their last names. Massie and Derrick's relationship is foreshadowed in the third book, but it is fully revealed in the fourth one. After Nina Callas convinces Massie that Derrick likes her (Nina) and not Massie, Massie ignores him. After Nina is thrown out of OCD, Massie and Derrick talk and they make up. Massie gives Derrick her "M" brooch, which he continues to wear well into the fifth book. In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back Massie, through a series of lies to the other girls she is "tutoring" to kiss, unintentionally leads Derrick to believe that she has been seeing someone else. He confronts her and she apologizes. They kiss and make up once again and it seems as if their relationship is good and well. However, he breaks up with Massie in book 8, because he has an "issue" with her. He later tells her he's into older girls because they're more "mature". He also thinks Massie is dating Chris Abely, Layne's older brother because she spends a lot of time with Chris. This is because for the key to the secret room (bomb shelter where alpha eight graders hang out) from 8th grade alpha Skye Hamilton, Massie has to get Chris to like Skye. If Massie doesn't hook up Skye with Chris, the PC doesn't get access to the bomb shelter at all, thus destroying their hopes of their 8th grade alpha status. In the ninth book, Derrick changes his style, (i.e. wearing jeans for the first time) but Massie becomes interested in Dempsey Solomon, a once LBR. In P.S. I Loathe You